We have a multilingual team of friendly pharmacists waiting to assist you with your health needs.

Louis Anastasas - Pharmacist
Louis has been a Pharmacist for over 15 years and has been proprietor at Osborne Park Pharmacy since 2005. He has a particular interest in Aged Care. When not in the Pharmacy he enjoys time with his three children, or riding his bike.
Winnie Lo - Pharmacist
Winnie graduated from Curtin in 2008 and is fluent in Cantonese. In her spare time she enjoys catching up on reality tv and spending time with her fur baby (Cat).
Rachael Quek - Pharmacist
Rachael has 5 years of experience as a community pharmacist. She has a bubbly personality and smiles all the time. She loves spending time with her dog in the park, trying on new and challenging cooking recipes and some shopping.
Luke Stein - Retail Manager
Luke has 15 years experience in retail. He has a passion for merchandising and ensuring the pharmacy is visually attractive. Luke hobbies include cricket, golf, fishing and spending Sundays with his family.